Jacob Kovacs

I live in the beautiful city of Seattle with Casey Jaywork (boyfriend, intrepid traveler, journalist). We moved here in 2012 so I could finish my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. Since graduation I’ve worked as an operations improvement specialist, mediated disputes as a volunteer in county small claims court, and hosted Postbac Café as a space for mutual assistance on academic or professional projects. In autumn 2016 I’ll return to UW as an iSchool student, pursuing a masters in information management with specialization in data science alongside Clint Posey (best friend, global health aficionado, aspiring UX designer).

I’m interested in every step along the pathway from ideas to actions. First, the process of creating reliable knowledge, moving from theory to study design, data collection, data storage, data cleaning, and data analysis; second, the process of sharing that knowledge through effective visualization, documentation, presentations and training; and third, the process of putting that knowledge to use through decision-making, program design, process improvements and creation of knowledge resources.

I’m happy working with teams and doing small parts of big projects, but I’m happiest when I have full access to unstructured problems that are best addressed through the design or refinement of whole systems. I enjoy building organizations that are good ongoing learning environments, where people are valued and ideas flow readily into better services and experiences.